The Development of
The Solution Network Australia Foundation

November, 2002

The Solution Network Trust

The Foundation's humble beginnings were as a Not-for-Profit Trust established by David Fraser and his parents Roger and Roslyn Fraser.
The Trust ran educational and therapeutic programs for young people expelled, suspended, or not attending school.

April, 2005

The Solution Network Australia

A Board of Directors formed the Foundation with support from Nicol Robinson Halletts Lawyers and Crowe Horwath Australasia.
Solutions were given Charitable status as a Public Benevolent Fund and Deductible Gift Recipient by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and were named The Solution Network Australia Foundation.

February, 2006


A Woolworths Ltd. Partnership.
Using all 22 stores on the Sunshine Coast, Woolworths donated 10 cents from the sale of each 600ml bottle of Cloud 9 water and 20 cents from 1.25-litre bottles directly to The Solution Network Australia.
The Start-a-Fresh program provided for our most vulnerable - homeless children.

October, 2006

The Great Corporate Race

In 2006, The Great Corporate Race was launched on the Sunshine Coast to develop an enabling business to feed into and fund our community development initiatives.
Communication, problem-solving, decision making, challenge, SUCCESS! The Great Corporate Race offers all of this and more!
Having all the hallmark features of your favourite reality game only with our unique twists made this an enriching activity for organisations.
Participation in The Great Corporate Race directly supports The Solution Network Australia Foundation.

October, 2007

Community Expo's

The community expo’s provided an exciting opportunity for the welfare sector to join together and set the standards for solidarity, resolve, focus and cooperation.
Our expo's have been attended by 3000+ registered community members and 80 community groups.

November, 2007

Living Water Projects

The Living Water Project provides vitally needed clean drinking water to impoverished communities in the Philippines, Indonesia and Africa.
This work has grown into a community-driven project involving hundreds of local communities, supports 27 micro-enterprises and provides water to more than 100,000 people.
Local people access clean drinking water through a Skyhydrant water filtration unit, supplied by Skyjuice Foundation.
The Living Water project provides water entirely free of Bacteria and all other organic contaminants after passing through the Skyhydrant water filter.

June, 2008

The Mothership

The Mothership is a community development and maintenance hub. It is mobile - it goes where ever the need is. The Mothership, a refurbished Toyota Coaster Bus, fully resourced, offering a workspace with leading-edge technology.
The Mothership is supported by Queensland Bus Sales, Telstra Countrywide, Go Transit Advertising, My Project Team, Tech Express, John Love Electrical, Caloundra City Autos, AGR Cabinets, Prestige Caravans, Melco Hardware Group, Bus's R Us, Decorate by Design, Marc Air Conditioning, The Print Maker and Polyflor Australia.

February, 2009

The Virtual Community Warehouse

The Virtual Community Warehouse is an exciting, new concept within the welfare sector.
The VCW is a register of under-utilised assets in the community that are made available through share-based technology. Assets are listed on a searchable database that connects a Borrower directly to a Lender. The only way to access membership is to contribute an asset to the VCW.
A powerful example of community co-operation, connectedness, interaction and support. In short, it allows us to set the standard that we would like to see in the community.

February, 2010

Number 8

Number 8 is a community-focused workforce development initiative with the sole aim of empowering disadvantaged jobseekers with the confidence and values required to take control of their course in life and become accountable and compliant to their vocational goals to achieve their true potential.
Utilising a supportive group therapeutic model delivered by leading Clinical Psychologists, number 8 provides a superior model capable of providing desirable employability outcomes.

January, 2012

Philanthropic Partnership

Kinetic Solutions – Your Potential in Motion Pty Ltd is a diverse company focusing on unleashing people's full potential. We believe in the value of people achieving their dreams.
Kinetic's strategy is to provide the most innovative and leading-edge business, digital, training, and coaching products and services that unleash each individual's full potential.
We are very excited to be collaborating with them and their business networks and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

January, 2016

Reach Your Peak

Reach Your Peak, supported under QCE, which is Queensland's senior school qualification. QCE offers flexibility in learning, as well as where and when learning occurs. Students have a wide range of learning options, including vocational education and training, workplace and community learning.
The Reach Your Peak program supported 91 disengaged students in total in 2016 with a budget of a little more
than $120,000.

January, 2017

Reach Your Peak in the Workplace

"Where REAL workplace skills are taught."
Industry skill shortages, the unemployment rates of 15 - 24 year-olds, a 50-60% NON-completion rate and a 60% reduction in apprenticeship and traineeship enrollments in 5 years.
The Solution is an experiential learning strategy and platform that pays small businesses to coach students in current vocational skills and competencies using their workplace as an extension of the training materials.
Learners gain real Industry work skills and experience while completing a course with a workplace coach who earns a living from their craft every other day.
Businesses can make money while training without the headache of voluntary 'work experience'.
Workplaces and learners engage together to teach current job skills for the current job market and learn current next-gen culture for the next-gen workforce.

November, 2017


We continue to support and collaborate with SME owners and self-employed individuals to develop and deploy all the business building tools needed to succeed in the digital economy.

Supporting and collaborating with SME owners and self-employed individuals and helping people start their micro-business by enabling and empowering them with all the business building tools needed to succeed in the Digital Economy.
Creating a seamless customer experience through Omni-channel customer engagement and interaction, one-click point of sale, understanding affiliate and email marketing strategies for new lead generation, website creation, deployment and analytics to optimal exposure. The ability to connect with other digital businesses in our partner community to collaborate, support and even join projects to achieve success together. 

September, 2019 - Present

Skilling Queenslanders for Work

We have supported over 200 under-employed individuals to gain a Certificate III digital workplace qualification and secure paid employment achieving 100% outcomes across all key result areas.
The Queensland Government's Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative represents a significant investment of $420 million over 6 years to support up to 54,000 Queenslanders into work.
Skilling Queenslanders for Work funds training and support for unemployed or underemployed people, with a focus on young people (including those in and transitioning from out-of-home care), Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people with disability, mature-age job seekers, women re-entering the workforce, veterans and ex-service personnel, and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

May, 2021 - Present

Women's Digital Mastery

We are so proud to be among 60 organisations that have received funding under the 2020-21 Women's Leadership and Development Program Project Grants.
With support from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet’s Office for Women, the funding aims to deliver a range of projects to improve outcomes for Australian women across five key areas.
The funding secured will be used to support women to gain the essential skills, knowledge and training required to enter into work in the digital technology age, either for an employer or through self-employment opportunities.
The program initially offered 40 Fully-Funded Scholarships to women to re-skill and re-train to move from unemployment or under-employment to flexible full-time hours.
We have since provided more than 120 fully-funded scholarships.

February, 2022 - Present

Digital Business Mastery
Certificate III in Business (Digital Technology) - SQW

We were initially able to offer 45 places for our 2022 program. The Digital Business Mastery program focuses on STEM skills and offers participants the technology skills needed to work in the digital economy. We combine knowledge with extensive hands-on practice in business planning, mindset development, social media marketing, business analysis and web technologies. As the programme is very practical, it promotes rapid skills development.
The program targets people aged between 25 - 60 yrs who want to work more than 20hrs per week, would like to start or scale a business or find work in the digital economy like digital marketing and advertising, web development and online freelancing.
The program offers people all over the Sunshine Coast region the opportunity to re-skill and re-train to move from unemployment or under-employment to flexible full-time hours.
The program has since helped over 100 people gain digital skills... and we are aiming to support 400+ by the end of 2024.

Meet Our Founder

David focuses on adding value to those desiring to achieve by promoting “peace of mind” strategies. David’s professional background combines government, corporate and small business experience. Along the way, he has also started, established, consolidated & sold two successful businesses; corporate team development & inbound tourism.

In 2005, his philanthropic work led to the establishment of The Solution Network Australia Foundation to focus on supporting communities, promoting their strengths, engaging with their young people and helping create jobs, especially those focused on entrepreneurial pursuits and freelancing opportunities.

With David’s passion and focus on sustainable achievement, he has contributed to research on stress-onset psychological & biological barriers to high performance. David’s academic achievements, professional development and own pursuits have honed a set of core competencies focused on experience-based engagements. Using a hands-on approach, David has found long-lasting benefits for those he supports.


David Fraser
David Fraser
Entrepreneur & Visionary
With more than 25 years of experience, I work enthusiastically with people motivating them to personal success by unleashing their potential.

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