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Foundational skills for the Digital Economy

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Certificate III in Information Technology

About the course

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Learn the foundational skills required to become a Freelancer in the Digital Economy. This course can have you ready for a career change with the suitable skill set needed to transition into a Freelance career you'll love by learning broad concepts and valuable transferable skills.

  • Study at your own pace online or in a group
  • Nationally recognised qualification
  • 12 units of competency
Course requirements

Entry Requirements

These entry requirements are here as a guide and it's always best to talk to one of our Education Consultants, as they're trained to ensure that you're enrolled in a course that aligns with your career goals.

  • Have Completed year 10 or equivalent; OR
  • Have a qualification at Certificate II level or higher, or in an associated information technology field; OR
  • At least 2 years of relevant industry experience in a role that requires the use of written documentation and communication.
Flexible payment options

Flexible payment options

We offer flexible payment options for students. Enquire now for more information on payment methods.

  • Pay upfront & save; OR
  • Spread the investment over 12 months; OR
  • Explore and apply for a Government subsidy.


"Powering home-based businesses"

MyCoopShop Powering Home Based Businesses
Cooperative Businesses

Finding the Freedom we all Deserve!

➀ Cooperative businesses are organised for the purpose of improving the bargaining power of the individual members and the product or service quality provided by the members.

➀ They also aim to reduce costs incurred in running a business through sharing common expense costs.

➀ They provide competition to larger companies with deeper pockets.

➀ Freelancers, Home-business owners and Sole Traders generally work alone missing, in part, the strength and experience of workplace collaboration.


Our Roadmap to Freedom


20 Businesses in Profit

Our first milestone was achieved in 2019.


Full eCommerce Scalability

Our second milestone was achieved in 2020 with Stripe & Magento.


Onboard 20 Startups

We will achieve 40 businesses in profit by mid 2022.


Cooperative at Scale

MyCoopShop to achieve international scale by end of 2022.

Supporting Women's Financial Independence

The Solution Network Australia Foundation supports women's financial independence through MyCoopShop, providing training, coaching, mentoring, and support.


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