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Face-to-Face Delivery

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Virtual Delivery

Our Subsidised Virtual Program is available for 2023.
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Program Overview


Professional Brand
Professional Branding


Digital Strategies
Business Plan and Strategy


Success Mindset
Success Mindset


Website Design
Design and Build a Website

Learn together with other locals.

Build Your Business. Increase Your Digital Skills. Achieve Your Dreams.

Mentoring Strategy for Success

REGISTRATIONS are now open for 2024!


Personal and Professional Brand

1. Utilise digital image editing software for your brand images;
2. Create video assets & design visual components for web and social media;
3. Use social media tools & marketing for collaboration and engagement;
4. Understand blogging & create content; and
5. Explore online advertising, affiliate and email marketing.

Your Business Map

1. Develop your unique niche market and product & service suite offering;
2. Complete market research and competitive analysis;
3. Build your ideal customer avatar;
4. Articulate your brand strengths, core values, and purpose;
5. Build your brand promise & ultimate brand pitch; and
6. Identify your key metrics for success.

Mindset and Personal Mastery

1. Your current mindset and the mindset necessary to achieve success;
2. Obsessing on your business & what your competitors are doing;
3. Healthy mind and body with routine and discipline for sustained success; and
4. Understanding the need to achieve personal and business mastery.

Website Design

1. Design and build a simple business website;
2. Understand the fundamental of website functionality and interactivity; and
3. Understand how to create links & backlinks for search optimisation.

Meet your Business Strategy Team

Tanya Fraser
Tanya Fraser

With a professional career spanning over 20 years in The Westpac Group, Tanya designed & implemented proven high-performance outcomes for teams & retail business units. Tanya has achieved some of the highest levels of management in the Banking, Finance & Pharmaceutical industries.

Tanya has also started & scaled her own ”Wildly Successful Digital Business” in training & consultancy.

David Fraser
David Fraser

“My team and I transform websites into powerful customer magnets! We work hard to develop websites that grow small businesses.”
David’s passion is to help everyday small business owners build wildly successful digital strategies to achieve their definite purpose with peace of mind.

David has been a small business owner for over 20 years. Having gained credentials as a Google developer and specialising in AI, he leads all digital and web strategies, from implementation to empowerment, to achieve success in business scaling and digital optimisation.

Is this you

Sound like you?

  • I am aged between 25 - 60 yrs
  • I want to work more than 20hrs per week
  • I want to understand how websites get customers
  • I want more digital exposure for me and/or a business
  • I want digital technology skills
  • I want expert training & coaching

Places are limited.
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